Fat Loss Supplements: Be Diligent, Buy The Best, Be Safe

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Buy from someone you can trust in their given trade, a company with credibility and evidence based brands, as well as in- house experts on hand for quality control and advice. The consumer is given too many choices, so in time, should you deviate from the bog players, you are much more likely to get stung by a dodgy dealer, a Jack of all trades who had clearly mastered none, or even a qualified person that is working well outside of their limitations!

Let me give some examples. You wouldn’t go to a Butcher to bake you some bread, nor would you go to a candlestick maker to fillet your steak!  On the same note you wouldn’t walk into a chemist owned by a food chef who claimed to make all of his own supplements in his kitchen because he could use an oven, and be happy to part with your hard earned cash. Would you? I certainly hope not!

You get my point. So the reason I am writing this post is to add to a recent warning issued by the UK’s Medicines Agency the MHRA. Their focus was on so-called ‘herbal dietary pills’. These received a lot of press in 2015 and before due to young adults and even teenagers consuming supplements claiming to be ‘natural’ and ‘safe’ but actually contained dangerous ingredients including DMAA and Sibutramine. Both of these ingredients (industrial chemicals) have been linked to heart attacks and death!

Now don’t get this wrong, herbs are fine to consume as a foodstuff or fat loss supplement. The area you have to be careful is who and where you buy these from. You need reasonable assurances from reputable companies that the ingredients are what they say they are, plus you need to be aware of what it is you are consuming. Many of the youngsters consuming the likes of DMAA and Sibutramine had no idea to even look for these ingredients!

It is worth noting that some herbs such as St. Johns Wart can competitively inhibit the action of certain medicinal drugs prescribed by physicians, meaning the drug is blocked by the herb. However, this is a natural process and not dangerous to the consumer if they understand and avoid consuming this herb supplement when on a certain drug. Your Doctor or Dietitian should be able to advise you on this.

The message is simple, be diligent and allocate trust to those deserving of it. Do your research and follow the guidance of reputable companies and governing bodies such as the MHRA, who recommend consumers look for herbal fat loss supplements that have the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) logo and a THR/PL number which indicates the product has been assessed by the MHRA for quality and safety.

Our range of fat burning supplements purport to meet these guidelines, therefore are considered safe in otherwise healthy individuals. It is advised that consumers with underlying medical conditions consult a Doctor prior to commencing fat loss supplements.

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