USN Iso-Gro Whey Product Review

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So today I tasted the NEW Protein by USN called Iso-Gro Whey, Cookies & Cream Flavour.
This new protein has a whopping 27g per serving and is filled with creatine, zinc and glutamine to give you the perfect recovery formula.

Here is how I break down the product:

Smell – Strong smell of Cookies & Cream

Mixability – Mixes very well and doesn’t leave any lumps and clumps

USN Iso-Gro Shake Scoop - Discount SupplementsUSN Iso-Gro Shake Consistency - Discount Supplements

Taste – Very pleasant and masks the creatine well

Aftertaste – A good hit of Cookies & Cream, which is what you want

Overall – A great tasting Protein which is going to help you recover quicker between workouts with the extra help from the added Creatine and Glutamine. This is a great protein if you are looking to build muscle or maintain a lean look.

USN Iso-Gro Shake Ready - Discount Supplements

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