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24 Carrots Natural Cafe & Juicery is a Goldmine for Vegan Diners

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24 Carrots is a hip juice bar and cafe with a relaxed vibe and nourishing organic juices, dairy-free smoothies, and vegan eats. And it all began with a craving for fresh, simple ingredients. At 24 Carrots, they strive to craft all of their food with the most wholesome ingredients they can find. Even their sweet […]

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Sage Bistro of L.A. Sustains Loyal Patrons with Local Plant-Based Cuisine

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Thank you to Tiffany for recommending Sage Bistro: Sage has a wide variety of foods, some Mexican inspired, and a hearty drink/juice/smoothie menu, too. Their buffalo cauliflower and jackfruit tacos are soo tasty. They also serve a nice brunch. This hip LA restaurant was born from a love of gardening, cooking, and plant-based food. Now, […]

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Spicy Jambalaya Pasta: An Easy Roasted Sheet Pan Dinner

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This spicy jambalaya pasta is a delicious twist on a popular Southern dish. I love that the vegetables, shrimp, and Andouille sausage are roasted for easy preparation and intense flavor. It’s all tossed with pasta, instead of rice, for a fun and flavorful meal any night of the week. This spicy jambalaya pasta recipe with […]

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Friday FAQs: Nut-Free Peppermint Patty Slice, high-fibre rice hack, and more

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Surprise! I’m so excited to let you know that Friday FAQs are officially back in action! I hope you’re as pumped as we are to see this series rolling again. I’ve also given the Q&A a bit of a playful makeover to kick off the new year! What do you think?  PS: The intro image above is from 2015—note to self: update photos! If it were current, there’d be lukewarm (but very strong) coffee in that mug; two kids fighting in the background; toys scattered everywhere; and food smashed into my shirt. No big deal. Lol.

If you’re not familiar with our Friday FAQs series (which admittedly came to a screeching halt when I became a mama of two!), I’ll share a bit of background: Each Friday on the blog, you’ll find featured questions from our amazing Oh She Glows community (that’s you!) along with my thoughts and replies. These are questions I’m asked on the blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as by email or even in the grocery store—you name it! I reply to oodles of comments and questions each week, and in these roundups I try to highlight those I receive most often and ones that I think will be helpful to others too. 

As always, if you have a question, please feel free to leave it below and I’ll put my thinking cap on. Who knows—it may even be featured in a future Friday FAQs post. And of course, you can always chime in on the questions with your own two cents, or any specific feedback about the series. My goal is to make these posts as helpful as possible, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Q1. Hi Angela, I forgot to write down your high-protein and high-fibre rice idea for the kids. Do you mind sharing it again?

A. Hi Susan, My kids love rice and I came up with this trick for boosting the protein and fibre: I mix uncooked rice (usually white basmati since it cooks quickly) with uncooked red lentils (again, these cook quickly!) in a pot and cover them with a couple inches of water. Bring to a low boil, reduce the heat, and simmer uncovered for 10 to 15 minutes, until both the rice and lentils are tender.  Then I drain off the water in a colander and add the drained rice-lentil mixture back into my pot. Next, I’ll stir in some marinara sauce, hummus, garlic powder, and Herbamare for flavour. You can flavour it any way you like, of course. My kiddos love rice prepped this way, and Adriana can’t detect the added lentils—let’s just say she has a complicated relationship with regular lentils! I love knowing they’re getting a huge protein and fibre boost. You can play around with the rice-to-lentil ratio too…I don’t tend to measure it when I make it.

Q2. Your New Year Glow Smoothie Bowl looks great! Do you have any suggestions on what to substitute for the spinach? I can’t eat spinach, and I find it’s used so often in smoothie recipes. 

A. Hey Julia, I’ve had great success using baby kale in this smoothie. I love baby kale because it has a delicate flavour that isn’t as overpowering in recipes as regular kale, but you could try stemmed full-size kale in the smoothie bowl too. I also wonder how romaine lettuce would taste, but haven’t tried it out yet.

Q3. Thanks for this Bread-Free Stuffing Balls recipe! I can’t wait to try it. Quick question – my husband has a walnut allergy. Any recommendations for replacing the walnuts?

A. Hey Beth, I think chopped pecans or pepita seeds would work fine as a sub for walnuts. I’d probably opt for pecans because I can see the flavours pairing well. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Q4. Hi, I have both of your books and the app. Love your recipes! Do you have any good substitutes for almond, almond meals, and almond butter in the recipes? I’m allergic. 

A. Hey Justina, Thank you so much for the book and app love! I hope you’re enjoying them. As for subbing almonds out, it can often be done successfully, but I find that advice depends on the recipe. If you have any specific recipes you are thinking of swapping them in, I can try my best to troubleshoot for you below. Swapping the almond butter for roasted sunflower seed butter can work in many recipes, such as my Ultimate Flourless Brownies in Oh She Glows Every Day. Sometimes you can swap almond meal for ground cashews or other nuts and seeds depending on the dish. In the meantime, I’d suggest checking out the nut-free sections in the app and on the blog here and here. If you have any specific recipe questions, I’m always happy to help!

Q5. I’m allergic to cashews. Any other nuts I could replace cashews with? This Vegan Peppermint Patty Slice looks yummy and I want to try it. 

A. Hi Lise, I’ve successfully swapped the cashew butter for 3/4 cup (115 g) soaked raw sunflower seeds. The flavour changes a bit, but it’s still a good nut-free option! A reader also said almond butter worked nicely.

Q6. What kind of apple would you suggest for this Carrot Apple Ginger Soup? I never know which flavours work with what. Thanks! 

A. Hi Nicole, I like Granny Smith apples in this soup because their tart flavour balances the carrot’s sweetness quite well. But I really think it would work fine with just about any variety you like!

“OMG, I have to tell you that the best banana bread I had ever eaten was my wonderful (now deceased) mother-in-law’s!! After I made your Vegan Banana Bread recipe, I cut a small piece for my husband and, in his words: “My mother would be proud. Delicious.”

Hey Linda, This means so much to me to hear, thank you! I’m so happy the recipe was such a hit with you and your husband. Our loaf never lasts more than a couple days. All the best to you both in 2018!

Last but not least, I’d like to share some super fun Oh She Glows Recipe App news! It’s currently on sale for 99 CENTS for the next few days in celebration of the new year! Whohoo. When you download our award-winning app you’ll receive over 130 plant-based recipes (including over 105 gluten-free), plus a FREE cookie lover’s bundle! You can find it on iOS/iTunes and Android/Google Play.

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Creamy Celery Soup: Healthy, Dairy-Free & Cream-less!

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This easy, creamy soup was submitted to us by a reader who chose to remain anonymous. It’s a simple recipe that’s wholesome and easy to prepare for a delicious dose of heart-healthy comfort food. Pair it with sourdough or dairy-free, whole-grain bread for a fulfilling cold-weather meal. Special Diet Notes: Healthy Creamy Celery Soup By […]

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News Roundup: October

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October…is almost gone!

That said we’ve had a lot of great feedback from you talking about the new products which we’ve added, plus some of the unbelievable deals we’ve managed to get hold of!

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Popular BOGOF Offers

If you’ve not seen already, check out these BOGOF deals!

We’ve got Buy One Get One Free on:

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex – but not many left now though, so be quick!


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…and many more.

Newly Added Products

New to the site that are worth checking out include…

Justine’s Protein Brownies

Justines Protein Brownie

….these brownies are high in protein, great tasting and ideal for those of us wanting to back up those workouts with sound healthy nutritional snacks.

Product Highlights:

15g protein
Authentic soft baked brownie taste & texture
Super low 2.8g of carbs per brownie
Convenient nutrition


Cellucor C4 Ultimate

Cellucor C4 Ultimate

Looking for an intense pre-workout formula? Yeah, this may be worth a look!

Product Highlights:

6,000mg L-Citrulline DL-Malate
3,200mg CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine
Increases focus
Potent and high-end formulation
Also includes the benefits of; Betaine Anhydrous, Panax Ginseng Extract, Rhodiola Extract, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglurate, Nitrosigine, Vitamin C & B12

Join in the Conversation on our Social Media!

Fancy joining in the conversation with like minded people and getting involved with our social media competitions and more?

Make sure to get involved with us online via our social media channels, we’d love to see your fitness journey and welcome you to see what we are up to!

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We hope that you have had a great October and don’t get too spooked tomorrow!


Now let’s see what November brings…



Product Review: Justine’s Protein Cookies & Brownie

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Protein snacks are all the rage right now and it’s easy to see why. With a solid protein hit and some tasty options available, there’s never been a better time to be into living a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve had Protein Bars for a little while, but now we have some serious alternatives which include some of the latest additions to the Discount Supplements website that we’re looking at in this review.

All the way from New Zealand we’ve got:

Justine’s Protein Cookies

Justines Protein Cookie

Justine’s Protein Brownie

Justines Protein Brownie
Both of these products offer a soft baked taste which is a real treat during the day. We can only imagine how good these must be for those who are deep into a dieting phase!

Luckily they’re very low carb, Wheat & Gluten Free, high in fibre and ideal for taking on the go.

Justine’s Protein Brownie

Crumbly, chocolate brownie like and satisfyingly filling these Protein Brownies really do the job.

Product Highlights

– 15g protein

– 0.5g sugar!

– Great choice for an on the go protein snack

Ingredients wise, they use a variety of different protein sources including egg, soy protein isolate and calcium caseinate meaning that he amino acid profile is going to be solid and offer somewhat of a tapered release too.

Taste wise, Justine’s Protein Brownie are pretty brownie like (although not as moist as a regular brownie) and they left us feeling satisfied.

Justine’s Protein Cookies

When it comes to the Protein Cookies there are a few flavours available:

Chocolate Fudge
Peanut Butter Choc Chip
Raspberry and White Chocolate
Chocolate Chip

….and overall we must say that we’re pretty impressed.

All of the flavours offer impressive macros and taste like cookies!

Although it’s hard to pick a favourite, there’s something about the Raspberry White Chocolate that stood out in particular.

Are you a cookie fan? If so, you’re going to love these!

Make sure to check out the individual product listings for more information and get your hands on them today from right here at Discount Supplements!
For more newly added products, check out our Newly Added products page right here.

GoMacro MacroBars: Clean Snacks in More Than a Dozen Flavors

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We first trialed and reviewed GoMacro MacroBars almost 12 years ago! A lot has changed with their formula, packaging, and varieties over the years, so Sarah S. is giving us a big update. GoMacro MacroBars have been a staple in our house, and my purse, for over 5 years. That was back when the packaging […]

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The Deadlift By Nathan Cruz

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The deadlift is one of the most popular exercises of all time. Personally, I can’t imagine any workout programme without it. The beauty of the deadlift is that everything improves along with it, it naturally releases the most growth hormone into our system and increases strength on various other lifts too such as the squat and even the military press. Depending on your goals the majority of us could benefit from increasing our numbers when it comes to the deadlift.

How To Deadlift…

The basics to a good deadlift are to:

walk up to the bar, stand with your mid-foot under the bar (using an Olympic barbell) grab the bar with your preferred grip (I use alternating)…

The Deadlift

Bend over without bending your legs, then drop into position by bending your knees until your shins touch the bar.
Next, lift your chest.
Straighten your back as you raise your chest.
Take a big breath, hold it and stand up with the weight.

I find that a good Pre-Workout really helps me get into the zone and push myself – check them out right here.

Deadlift Top Tips

A few tips that may help increase your lift and that are certainly worth thinking about….

Lift in socks or even do it barefooted.
If you can get a pair of socks with grip on the bottom (like the ones you may get from a trampoline park) or even authentic deadlifting socks (although those can be pricey) they’re ideal.
Having your feet flat to the platform/floor with no soft cushion between can help increase your lift by giving you a firmer base to lift from.
Alternatively you can also try converse/flat shoes.


Personally I’m not a user of straps as anything to help increase my grip is beneficial for pro wrestling.

However I know that the use of straps would no doubt mean I could add 5/10kgs on my lift as it usually is my hands that slip away from me before my body gives out.

So perhaps give these a go and see what you prefer.

Oh, also…..liquid chalk is awesome, after a few seconds it dries and you’ve got some serious GRIP!

Increase the Weight Gradually

Make the increases in your sets suitable.

You don’t want to be burning out too early if you’re aiming for that PB.
10kg increases when you get to those heavy sets are best, after two warm up sets; think of what your goal is for the lift.
Work backwards, so say you want to get 200kg for example – have three heavy sets before your target set.
So 180 for 2 sets….190 for 1 set….and then 200 for 1 set.

You may even find you might be able to exceed that day’s target.

I love deadlifting.

It’s something I incorporate into every weekly split and without question I notice the difference if it is cut out of my programme.

Hopefully these tips will help you also climb to a new PB before the end of the year, now go get it!

Nathan Cruz

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