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Weight Loss Tips (2 of 5): Eat Plenty of Vegetables

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In the first BLOG post of this Weight Loss Tips short series, we talked about controlling our environment and not letting it control US. Doing so helps to make things a whole lot easier when eating and training to lose weight (fat loss).

In this BLOG post we’re going to focus on the main benefits of eating plenty of vegetables whilst losing body fat. Although we should be aiming to eat plenty of vegetables most of the time, not everybody does and hopefully this will contribute to more people upping their veg intake. Here we talk a little about the particular benefits to eating plenty of them when dieting too.

Anyway, let’s get into it…broccoli and carrots at the ready!

Reasons to Eat Plenty of Vegetables when Dieting to Lose Weight…
Vegetables Fill Us Up

Do we always eat when we “need to”? Well, sometimes we can be hungry an hour or so after a decent meal…so I think it’s safe to say that we don’t always eat because we need to…but rather we tend to eat when we’re hungry or even for something to do.

Personally, I know I’ve added a few pounds at certain times of the year and yet even when slightly heavier I still get hungry fairly regularly despite my increasing body fat percentage suggesting that my body doesn’t need any more calorie laced foods…

To counter this, eating foods that are low in calories yet very filled can be an ideal solution.

But, what foods can meet this requirement? You guessed it…Vegetables!

Not only do vegetables fill us up fairly quickly from occupying space in our stomachs and containing fibre, they also by enlarge contain very few calories making them a dieters dream (by dieter, I’m simply referring to somebody who’s looking to lose a bit of weight and ideally keep it off too…which we’ll talk more about in a later BLOG post).

By keeping fuller for longer, it helps minimise those times of hunger which can be a real mental battle to tackle during the day. Sure it’s ideal to fight those feelings, but why fight them if you don’t need to.

Vegetables Contain Vitamins and Minerals

Not only do vegetables fill us up, but they contain many vital nutrients that we need to be healthy. So it’s no surprise that the healthiest populations on the planet have diets that contain plenty of vegetables, so why not put yourself in the best position possible to lose weight?

When we feel good, are healthy, have a strong immune system and the like we are in the best position to push ourselves in the gym and have a good frame of mind…just what we need to lose body fat.

Not bad so far right?

What Vegetables Should we Focus On?

Ultimately the ones you are going to eat are the ones which will be ‘best’ however if that list for you is particularly small, it’s worth noting that over time (weeks not years) our taste buds can adapt so vegetables that were once not great tasting, can become much more palatable.

In an ideal world, aim to focus on eating a good variety of vegetables so that you can get a good range of vitamins and minerals in your diet….different types, different colours…you name it.

You may wish to have your staple vegetables like broccoli, certain leafy greens and so on…but if you can vary your intake that’s a good place to be.

Also, fruits are great too – particularly berries that pack a huge bang for our calorific buck so make sure to get some of those in too.

In Closing…

Fall in love with eating vegetables not only to help you feel full, but for the health reasons too.

Feel free to start small and add a few bits of veg here and there if you’re not a big vegetables consumer at the moment, with the aim to up that to a decent, healthy amount per day.

If you’re looking to further boost your weight loss, why not consider adding in a weight loss product too?

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140 Difference Contest: $100,000 for Your Bright Ideas!

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It’s time for the 3rd annual 140 Difference Grant Contest with So Delicious, and this year they’ve upped the ante. The popular dairy-free brand is offering $100,000 in micro-grants for your bright ideas in environmental sustainability, animal welfare, plant-based eating, or food allergies. And entry is easy with the #WorldsShortestGrant application – just 140 characters or less […]

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Homemade Rice a Roni

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Once a month we’re featuring a new family-friendly dish from the Hatfields for our Kids Can Cook section. The dairy-free teen cooking star is Katherine and this week she’s made mom’s homemade rice a roni for the first time. Her mom, Sarah, has the pictures and details for us … This homemade rice a roni, or turkey […]

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The Oh She Glows Recipe App is here!!

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Artichoke Collage_lessblue

Today is a big day! After years of dreaming, planning, and hard work, we’ve officially launched the Oh She Glows – Healthy Plant-Based Recipes app for iPhone and iPad devices! You guys have been asking for an OSG app for years, and I’m so excited the day is finally here. Many of you will now be able to cook from your phone or tablet with ease, or meal plan while commuting to and from school or work with convenient offline access. Think of this app as your personal OSG on the Glow!

Our app features the most popular Oh She Glows recipes from the past 8 years (oh boy, did I rediscover some gems), and includes brand-new photography, with a cohesive, sleek new look. All of the recipes have been edited and streamlined, and many have been improved as I cooked my way through Oh She Glows’ archives. You can be confident that the recipes in our app are delicious, super reliable, and will wow your family and friends! Check out our short video below for a sneak peek:

This project has been a huge labour of love involving myself, Eric, our app team, and also hundreds of you—our awesome beta testers who applied via our newsletter. Thanks to those of you who tested our app during the development phase, we were able to improve it in many ways, and add all kinds of useful features based on your feedback.

For example, we created a killer search function that sorts recipes by keywords, dietary info, dish types, and seasons, as well as handy filters like freezer-friendly, kid-friendly, quick and easy, budget-friendly, and more.

Features we’re excited about:

– Enjoy more than 60 Oh She Glows recipes (and growing!), including 50 fan-favourites plus 11 new recipes exclusive to the app (see the bottom of this post)
– Browse through beautiful full-screen, high-resolution food photography
– Strike out ingredients and directions as you cook so you don’t lose your place
– Customize your own favourites list with your most-loved recipes
– Easily view cook time, prep time, serving size, headnotes/tips, and allergy info for each recipe
– Add your own notes to the recipes to save/record your own recipe modifications
– Take recipes with you on the go with convenient offline access
– Search for recipes with ease using ingredient keywords or by recipe title
– Filter your recipes based on dietary/allergy info, season, dish type, and more
– Cook without worry that your device will go to sleep with our anti-lock feature
– Enjoy split view on your iOS 9 iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Pro


Best of all, each new recipe that I post on the blog in the future will upload to the app, so the app will continue to grow and grow over the years! Also, keep your eyes peeled for exclusive recipe bundles only found in the app. (Spoiler Alert: there are a couple bundles in there right now as our thank you for purchasing the app!)


I’m thrilled to let you know that we’re donating 10% of the proceeds from the first week’s app sales to Blessings in a Backpack Canada, a children’s charity that is near and dear to our hearts. Each Friday, Blessings in a Backpack provides backpacks of food to children all across the country who otherwise may not get enough to eat on the weekends. Just $120 feeds a child on the weekends for an entire school year. How awesome is that?! I’m so excited to be working with Executive Director Karen Green on this wonderful initiative, and together we’ll be directing our donation to local children right here in the Greater Toronto Area.

I truly hope that you’ll love this app, share the recipes with loved ones, and use it in your kitchens (and on the glow!) as much as we do. Thank you all for your continued support, and for the encouragement to make this recipe app a reality when I mentioned the idea a few years ago.

You can download the app here, or simply click the button below!




1. Which devices will the app work with? Our app has been developed for Apple iOS 8.0+ devices. We’ve optimized the app to display perfectly on both the iPhone and iPad. The iPad version works in both landscape and portrait orientations, while the iPhone version currently supports portrait mode. We’ll be working hard to constantly improve what we offer you in the future!

2. Is there a fee for the app? Yes, there is a small fee of $4.99 USD/$6.99 CAD to download the app.

3. Do you have an app for Android or Windows phones? Our app has been developed for Apple iOS devices (approximately 75% of our readership uses an Apple device). However, we’re open to exploring development for other devices in the future if our budget allows.

4. Will there be any new content in the app aside from the revamped fan-favourite recipes and photography? Yes! As a thank-you for purchasing the app, you’ll receive a free bundle of 8 new recipes exclusive to the app. You’ll also have access to an additional 3 free recipes with a simple social media share. Check out these recipes in the image below!


Our goal is to keep growing and improving the app over the years, and make it the best we possibly can. If you have any suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at: app_support[at]

Last but not least, stay tuned for a big giveaway later this week!

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